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Our Team

The Russian Avant-garde Gallery has grown in the past 3 years and gone beyond the ability of one person to manage. Now it is ready for a team working on it in collaborative effort.

In this section I present to you our team, as it will form itself over the next year or two. 

The Russian Avant-garde Gallery is building a team of energetic, positive-minded, assertive and enthusiastic people, who love their work and this art and can understand and represent the Gallery's and its members interests as well as the customers on the other side, for a mutually beneficial "win-win" collaboration with all parties. 

Right now, the Russian Avant-garde Gallery team has one additional member - a programmer. 

Vera Kofyan


Our excellent programmer, who has programmed this website from bottom up, rescuing me from the tight spot I got into with the previous attempt to reprogram the website on database-oriented platform, - and working mostly on credit. I am profoundly grateful to him for the work he has done here, and will do still.

Digital Hyper Brain is a company of programmers and designers located in India, which specializes in design, development and marketing of websites of all kinds in various platforms: OsCommerce, Joomla!, Drupal, phpBB to name a few. 

After my previous, and I must say rather consistently disastrous, experience with programmers (please, programmers, do not be offended, I am only speaking about MY OWN PERSONAL experience) who decide they understand everything there is to know about what the customer needs within about 30 seconds of conversation, this programmer has restored my faith in them by his exemplary listening skills.

The main difficulty in working with a programmer is that customers and websites are unique and directed at unique public. They have unique requirements and the platform software must be customized specifically in order to reflect these requirements. My website was no exception. However, it is extremely difficult to translate my requirements, brought from my point of view, without real understanding of the back-end programming structure and the language into the software which needs to be created, the changes which need to be done. The customer is usually even completely unaware of most of these structural elements, let alone of how to accommodate his own needs through them!

DigitalHyperBrain has listened attentively to every explanation with unshakeable focus; asked a myriad of professional questions directly at exactly the right spots which may prove problematic in future, until every nuance in the concept on this website was completely clear to him - in order to translate my front-end (user and manager) understanding and requirements to back-end (program inter-connections and logic) and thus almost everything he did was right the first time, with very minor adjustments.

This has been an enlightening experience, a privilege for which I am profoundly thankful.

I highly recommend his services. 

Contact details:


website URL:

PR & Advertising - Looking for a Team Member

The Russian Avant-garde Gallery is looking for a new Team Member who is:

  • passionate about Russian Avant-garde;
  • loves the Gallery and wants to be a part of this project;
  • knows people in galleries, museums, auction houses - or loves and is good at making contacts;
  • is full of creative ideas;
  • enjoys selling...

As mentioned and explained on the Benefits of Membership page, the Russian Avant-garde Gallery no longer can function properly with just myself working on it. I need a team to help me bring you the best I can in terms of content, items, books, films, exhibitions, shows, fairs, auctions and other events. I need someone who knows and loves this type of marketing, who can bring revenue to this site to allow bringing in other members if a team and payment for the wonderful programmer's work.

The new team member will be in charge of creating and maintaining contacts with parties holding exhibitions, fairs, shows, auctions etc., and offer them partnership in form of upscale and stylish advertising on the Russian Avant-garde Gallery pages. Also, coming up with other ideas for raising financial support, perhaps creating and maintaining a Facebook page... I welcome all suggestions!

Part time, payment will be based on percent of revenue brought.

Feel you are up to it? Contact me through the Contact page.

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