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SUPPORT the Gallery

Participate! Help us restore the Russian Avant-garde history!!!

This website deals with Russian Avant-garde in a way different from any other. It was created in order to restore the history, give back to the artists of the Russian Avant-garde the voice taken from them during the USSR persecutions. These artists are more than their works. They each have stories, personal tragedies, which teach us so many lessons in history of art and culture, of human nature and politics, of Power and freedom of expression. These stories teach us, one person at a time, about each artist's search for expression, struggle against oppression and dictate, their own personal solution to that conflict - or lack thereof.

For years the outlook on how this story should be told has been evolving in my mother's and then my minds, and is still growing, changing, evolving.  But one thing has remained rock true: 

These artists have had their voices stolen, clamped on, strangled, silenced. We are determined to give it back to them and to sound it for all to hear, loud and clear.

You can help! You can make a difference!

You can help in the following 5 ways at least:

(1) Join the Team, and receive percentage of the sum raised:

  • The Russian Avant-garde Gallery is looking for a Team Member, who shall be be in charge of Fundraising in any of the following ways:
    • Take charge of the PR and advertising (see Our Team page for more details);
    • Find sponsors willing to support the project.
  • The Team member will be paid percentage from the sum raised, according to the agreement between us.

(2) Donate a sum of your choice and receive a gift:

  • Donate a sum of your choice through the button below and receive great gifts as thanks for your contribution:
    • $50 and above: an exclusive interview with filmmaker Michael Craig about Alexander Rodchenko.
    • $100 and above: the above exclusive interview and one FLASH flipping e-book illustrated by my mother and specifically made by me, per your choice (see below);
    • $200 and above - the above exclusive interview and two FLASH flipping e-books illustrated by my mother and specifically made by me (see below);
    • $500 and above: all the above and also your name in a special Sponsors category;
    • $1000 and above: also a featured article with your full story, the way you want it told;
    • $2000 and above: I will send you original signed lino print by my mother (please note: quantity is limited, the early birds get the prize!).

Any support is welcome and appreciated.

(3) Acquire a FLASH flip-page e-book with my mother's illustrations:

  • "The SHKID Republic" by Belykh and Panteleev (Russian):
    An autobiographical novel telling about the life of young teenage boys, homeless or from dysfunctional homes, at the famous "School by name of Dostoyevsky" in St.Petersburg at the beginning of the USSR regime. An amazing tale of the early days of reform education, of the boys' struggle, between sheer survival and other available choice. Written by two of the schools former students.
    Over 100 wonderful tri-color illustrations by Tatiana Kofyan. 
  • Oscar Wilde's tales "The nightingale and the Rose"  (English or Russian versions):
    Nine tales of the very best, most beloved, masterful tales about the eternal questions of right and wrong; of sensitivity and egotism; of the material and the spiritual; of friendship and exploitation; of generosity and greed.
    Over 120 magical black-and-white illustrations by Tatiana Kofyan. 

Contact me for this option, and I shall instruct you.

(4) If you cannot help financially, please help spread the word:

  • share the link with your friends and colleagues on e-mail;
  • Like the campaign page on Facebook or follow on Twitter;
  • repost the link on your Facebook wall or any other social network;
  • post a link on your blog or website...

Perhaps one of your friends and acquaintances would like to participate.

(5) Buying books?

Any art-lover also loves books on the subject.

Check out what we have for you here on Russian Avant-garde Gallery in the special section dedicated to this particular side of our interest: Books, films and other things. The books, films etc are divided into sections by subject: those on General Avant--garde or collections, particular Movements and different styles. There are also suggestion and recommendations about books on specific artists, on each artist's page, so you don't have to search.


Your contribution will help tell the story to all. It will keep this website alive and take it to the next level!!!

Click here to see how your contribution is to be used.

Thank you!


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